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Kelly Mcfarlane
Arch have £1 million in the bank specifically for our market place.

For anyone else who fancies getting in touch with them to get it back...

http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source ... jmeo7uzB4w

Contact - Arch Corporate Holdings Ltd
Arch was set up by Northumberland County Council. We have an innovative approach to economic development, housing market renewal and regeneration in...
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Gary Compton Done - this is what I said:

"Why are you not spending the 1 million pounds you have in the bank that is allocated to redeveloping the Blyth marketplace. How far does it have to sink into the mire before you act?"
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Kelly Mcfarlane Straight to the point, nice work Gary
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Jacqui Clark Wilson Hi Gary nice to see you back
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Kurt Grant I think we need it to be painted a different (is that right?) shade of grey.
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Kurt Grant different doesn't look right for some reason.....
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Peter Watson can we really trust these people to get it right when they dramatically got it wrong the last time. they should ask the people what they want done to improve the market place. It may take more than £1m but there is money there.
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Kenny Addison Done: My comments to Mr Adams.

Dear Mr Adams...See More
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Barry Elliott Subject: FW: £1 million in pot for Blyth Town Centre

Dear Cllr Elliott...See More
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Barry Elliott Question

Who Allowed this £1million to be diverted from our market place ( public ) to a private company that will build a ridiculous priced office block when our town centre has many " redundant " buildings that could be turned into the same as Jacq...See More
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Gary Compton Barry no disrespect but these people seem impervious to our opinions. I know the election is the ultimate answer but is there recourse to the courts?

If you do a job and it's not up to standard then you get a writ. If you divert customers money away from where they can get access to it, you get another writ!...See More
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Kenny Addison The money was alloted to Blyth Town Centre? Now it has been allocated to Commissioners Quay? The area classed as Blyth Town Centre might be changing to include the quayside. Are these just coincidental?
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Barry Elliott Gary as stated keep logging requests , let them ignore at peril .
Govt CAN intervene in non performing councils departments , judicial reviews etc .
I believe I have MORE than enough evidence to get govt intervention into NCC but we MUST try and turn t...See More
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Gary Compton Ok Barry. Keep up the good work, I'm 100% behind you, as are this group (I would imagine)
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Barry Elliott Cannot do this alone ,
Happy to front where applicable but need support from every corner town .
I will feed the facts as always , the power of people CAN stop this office block , CAN get funds diverted back but MUST lobby those in power at NCC....See More
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Gary Compton The problem I see is this group has 500 members, TBV 450 and UKIP 230. That's just under 1200.

There are 76,000 voters in Blyth Valley I believe. How do we get the message to the rest?...See More
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Barry Elliott News post leader hits most .
Trouble is it appears " biased" . These are " huge" headline stories DO get picked up by journalists but Editor has final say in allowing FACTS to go to press.
May 23 rd 2014 I believe attitudes will change!...See More
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Gary Compton What's happening then?
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Barry Elliott Euro election results should be published .
North East should get its first Ukip Euro Mp if not 2 !
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Gary Compton What about a Youtube interview. Say questions prepared here and on the other groups then presented to you over a cup of tea and a biscuit. I would put myself forward as an interviewer? I know you are busy but I have 4.30 AM available most days.
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Kenny Addison I also think Gary that a lot of the members of each of the above groups are in more than one of the groups, therefore there is probably a lot less individuals to act. I think a collective, co-ordinated approach needs to be the plan. When some individ...See More
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Barry Elliott Worth looking into
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Kenny Addison As an aside Barry/Gary. Tell me what you think you have to be to be called a prospective candidate for a ward?
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Gary Compton Kenny Addison Honest!
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Kenny Addison I have been given the definition from a BTCouncilor and I am curious as to your definition. I don't agree with the one I received.
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Gary Compton Kenny I could formulate a website section to try and coordinate posts but I would need help as I am busy with the Blyth Times and have books coming out soon. I could put a Blyth Town forum on the TalkB lyth Valley website and pick the best threads and put on there. That site is getting 1000 hits a day now. Do the same for the TBV and UKIP groups and the word spreads.
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Barry Elliott Kenny
If you stand independent then you need ten people( proposer and seconder) to nominate you from ward you wish to stand .
Set criteria and rules to follow. Elections office at NCC can give specifics ...See More
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Kenny Addison Gary, great idea. It could be as simple as talking to those that we all think would like to do it collectively and constructively, then meet to decide who does what. should be easy to co-ordinate through a page on here or simply through add each as friends then communicating regular with each other?
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Kenny Addison Barry, thanks for the clarification. Next time we meet I will let you know the definition the councilor gave me. If it is acurate, then 20 or more people can say they are the prospective councilor for (insert party of your choice) for Newsham Go figure
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Gary Compton OK Kenny will have a play with the format on the site but will need to okay it with the girls. Not looking to promote anything other than Blyth and the destruction of the present administration.
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Kenny Addison In total agreement.
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